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8 Week Dental Assistant Course

Course Description

The 8-Week Dental Assisting Program is a hybrid online (at home), hands on (in person) and externship course. Classes are held in a fully equipped and state of the art dental office. Since our course is 8-weeks long, we cover a lot in a short amount of time.

Online (at home): We use macro learning with the use of our textbook to deliver online discussion / lectures. (3 hours/week)
During the didactic lecture hours, students will learn about dental terminology, equipment, instruments, procedures, ethics, employability skills and leadership.

Clinical (in person): Throughout the clinical hours, students will be given the opportunity to practice their manual dexterity.

Externship: Finally, at their externship, students will apply all of their knowledge and fine tune their skills to gain confidence with patients and within the dental clinic. For the purpose of obtaining work experience or specialized training, UEDAS offers students an unpaid 200 hour externship to fulfill graduation requirements. Students will also experience the day to day responsibilities as a dental assistant and observe efficient practice and patient management. This program offers in depth training and certification. Hit the ground running with a dental assisting education that is accelerated and thorough!

What makes UEDAS different? We believe micro learning is the future of education. We incorporate micro learning videos and interactive content with the help of SoEasy through online lecture, in-person clinic and the student’s externship. They are unlike any other human resource company because their platform includes artificial intelligence (AI). AI allows users to interact with one another and helps users view educational content that will best help them. At UEDAS, we focus on teaching with the intent of having our students retain and apply the information learned.

What is micro learning? Micro learning is learning in short digestible chunks that are easily accessible via today’s devices. The modern learner today retains information with visual and kinesthetic learning styles. Micro learning eases the cognitive load by allowing the user to consume short digestible chunks of information. We use micro learning in our curriculum because this is the future of education for maximum retention. By incorporating SoEasy into UEDAS, we continue to fulfill our commitment of service to students, instill being a team player and be  innovative leaders in the dental assistant community. 

We welcome all prospective students to visit our facility for a tour! Please call (402) 506-7057 for inquiry.

Course Objectives

United Exchange Dental Assisting School is committed to help students gain new knowledge and acquire professional skills in order to apply to be a dental assistant in a highly regarded field. During this 8-week program, students will dive into an environment where they are stimulated to learn, grow professionally, develop decision making skills and practice problem-solving skills needed to meet the demands of the profession.

After graduating from the 8-Week Dental Assisting Program, students will have the knowledge to assist the dentist chairside using standard dental assisting procedures. Students will also be able to take impressions, make a bleaching tray, sterilize instruments, disinfect the operating area and other standard procedures. Students will also be taught on HIPAA and OSHA.

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