United Express Dental Assisting School, LLC operating as United Exchange Dental Assisting School is committed to help students gain new knowledge and acquire professional skills in order to attain a meaningful position in a highly regarded field. During this 8-week program, students will dive into an environment where they are stimulated to learn, grow professionally, develop decision making skills and practice problem-solving skills needed to meet the demands of the profession.

Dental assisting is a reliable and progressive career for young professionals and existing professionals looking for a new career. Dentists across the United States are experiencing a lack of qualified and skilled dental assistants in their practices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment as a dental assistant is projected to grow more than the average job occupation for the foreseeable future, making this a great career to invest in.1 United Exchange Dental Assisting School will provide students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enter the field as a competitive entry level applicant.

Our curriculum is designed into three parts. During the didactic lecture hours, students will learn about dental terminology, equipment, instruments, procedures, ethics, employability skills and leadership. Throughout the clinical hours, students will be given the opportunity to practice their manual dexterity. Finally, at their externship, students will apply all of their knowledge and fine tune their skills to gain confidence with patients and within the dental clinic. Students will also experience the day to day responsibilities as a dental assistant and observe efficient practice and patient management.


United Exchange Dental Assisting School empowers students to maximize their potential through uniquely designed evidence-based education


We produce star dental assistants. Driven by our passion for education and hunger for innovation, we are committed to foster a community for students and dental assistants to be the best in the profession.


Service - Team Player - Innovation


The Dental Assisting Program thoroughly and efficiently trains and prepares students for a position as a Dental Assistant in a general dental office.

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